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What is GMA Speakers Bureau?

GMA is a full-spectrum speakers bureau that works with a wide variety of organizations including corporations, associations and universities, to serve the needs of event and meeting planners as well as corporate training and education professionals. Our consultants are here to assist you throughout the process of planning and producing your event, and to secure the talent you need to ensure the most dynamic presentations, whether a motivational speaker, keynote speaker, business speaker, celebrity speaker, trainer or executive consultant.

Why Should I Use a Bureau Like GMA?

For the same reasons you'd utilize a travel consultant,stockbroker or realtor. Hiring a speaker is a considerable investment for many organizations. Our consultants know the marketplace and can make your job easier by bringing you exactly what you need for your event, while avoiding the pitfalls. Our experience, and years of forming relationships throughout the industry, can help you get the most value for your money, and our unique ExpertSelect process ensures that we'll find the right speaker for your event. Our team will listen carefully to your needs, research availability, and identify the right speaker for you. We have speakers for every budget and can even assist you in creative ways to find funding.

This is the First Time We've Brought in a Speaker - How Does this Work?

No worries! GMASpeakers will guide you through the process, from conference call to curtain call (and beyond). Feel free to contact us at +91-9311182929 or info@gmaspeakers.com and we'll get you started.

We Need a Speaker for Next Week's Event! Is it Too Late?

Not necessarily. We often field last-minute offers and have been known to place(or replace) a speaker at a moment's notice. Of course, the closer a deadline is for an event, the more likely it is that speaker availability will be a factor.